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Torrent Details For "WinSnap v4.6.1 + patch"

WinSnap v4.6.1 + patch

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Name:WinSnap v4.6.1 + patch

Finally, I figured out how to still make this program work
on x64 systems and now I can share with you quietly, but more
on this later, but for now, let's go directly to the description of
the utility. Before you my favorite development for capturing images from your
monitor, after you can edit them, you can download WinSnap from our project in full news.
The program will allow you to simultaneously capture several objects simultaneously, let's say
the active window and the element of any control. Naturally, you can capture the area you selected,
an arbitrary rectangular area, there is a built-in function for processing rounded edges. Of course
for all captures you will use "hot keys" - you can configure them in a specialized menu, actually
from the screenshot, I think so and so it is seen. WinSnap has a multilanguage interface, there is
also Russian support, there are not many settings in general, so there should not be any problems
in the trial, I put all the parameters I needed in about a minute.
WinSnap can take a snapshot in the format and quality you need, especially for JPG, but I'm used to
taking pictures in PNG. You can immediately add some simple effects to the picture, let's say the
shadow, the reflection, the outline and others, you can also remove the tick from the cursor, that
is, it will not be displayed, this is up to you. WinSnap has a print mode and preview, if you work
in Windows 7 or Vista, then you can remove the transparent background in the pictures.
Now about hacking WinSnap, if you have an x86 operating system, then there are no problems, just
copy the patch from the desired folder to the root, start and get to work. If you have an x64 system,
then you also need to copy the patch, run it, after the program still will not work, so I immediately
added the WinSnap.key file to the root with the application, otherwise the registration will not roll,
so it will not roll if the program does not portable, so I place this one. In general, this is such a
utility, it's not as popular as some competitors, but I really like it, I happily switched to WinSnap after PickPick.
Category:Other > Software
Lang:English  English
Total Size:4.76 MB
Info Hash:c0b51ff2f10493dd823b3b0c2497e8832de6d54b
Added By:AsPerTu
Date Added:14-03-2018 09:46:48

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